2017 Mapepe Compound, Lusaka, Zambia


there is a very  strong community spirit

In 2017 the build was in an area just outside Lusaka, called Chilanga. In Chilanga, there is a “compound” called Mapepe, which is where we built three homes.  

Although it seems to be one of the poorest communities we’ve been to, and there is a very  strong community spirit, and we were made to feel welcome every day by all members we came in contact with, from the Community Chairperson, the neighbours who invited some of us to share a meal, the ladies at the community well, and of course the hundreds of children.

With a strong team of local tradesmen and our hosts from Habitat to guide us, we were fortunate to complete 3 houses!  The ladies of the home and the children were very happy with their new safe homes.  A successful build completed and finished off with a celebration of singing dancing and cheering from the whole community.




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