The Families We Built Homes With In 2011

Thought you would like to see a message from our Global Village co-ordinator.  He sent us a beautiful document that features some of the families who received new homes in 2011.  Our two families that we built for were featured ! You will find the pages for Judith Mutale and Beatrice Mwangala- it warms our hearts to see what a difference a modest home has made in their lives, and the lives of their beautiful children. Seeing this after we have left for home makes it even more worthwhile – if that’s possible, and gives extra special meaning to what we have contributed. (click on the images to see larger)

Subject: Thank you for your support

Dear Friends of Habitat for Humanity Zambia,

Habitat for Humanity Zambia and the communities we serve, would like to thank you for your support and gifts that have enabled us to reach out to more families that are in need of decent and safe housing in our country.

Please find attached some of the families served under the Orphaned and Vulnerable  children (OVC) program. Without your support, this could have not been possible!

With great thanks!

 Voster Tembo,

Resource Development and communications officer, Habitat for Humanity Zambia

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