2012 – Independence Township Lusaka


Screen-Shot-2015-10-01-at-10.06.55-PM Children are everywhere and love to play, so happy we brought along soccer balls, skipping ropes, and bubble blowers

May 20 report from Team Zambia 2012

Hi All
Things going well here, but we all forgot how hard it is- the bricks are heavier, building is taller, mortar mixing way more strenuous ( or maybe it’s because we’re all a little older!) Got the main part of both houses done, floors and doors and windows to finish as well as the latrine and bathhouse on Mon and Tues, then a day or two off after that.

The team getting along great, no-one sick and we’re all in bed every night by 9 pm latest!

One house for a family of 8 children, one grandmother, and the other for a family of 10. Children everywhere- love to play, so happy we brought along soccer balls and skipping ropes, blowing bubbles etc.

Heard there was snow in Calgary - the weather here glorious- hope you’re all well!

The team has provided an update, (and one message was spotted on FaceBook they are on their way home).

Here is what they have to say

It WAS hard but rewarding work. All finished, dedication ceremonies, doors on, roofs on…2 families now have a new clean safe home! Made some new Zambian, the USA, and Canadian friends. What a fun, hardworking dedicated bunch of people.! Loved being greeted with pure joy and laughter from the children every day, as we entered the township. See you soon.(Start planning for the next build.)



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