Katie Turnbull

Katie was born in Chingola, N Rhodesia, which became independent in 1964 as Zambia. She doesn’t remember much about living in Africa except playing outside a lot and eating mangos and lemons from the backyard trees.

When the family moved to Canada in the mid 60’s, they first settled in a small town called Bralorne, BC. She and her 5 sisters and 2 brothers were so excited to see snow for the first time.  Then the family moved to Regina, SK,. In the mid 80’s, She moved to Yellowknife, NT and spent 25 years in the pristine Land of the Midnight Sun where the winters are extremely cold, long & dark and the summers are short with the sun shining well into the early morning, & no skyscrapers to block your view! She then relocated to Vancouver, BC in 2010 with plenty of skyscrapers and rain to block the sun!

In 2018 she retired from the Canadian Government as a Property Manager after 30 years of service. She is the proud mother of two kids and five grandkids. She loves yoga and in 2012 became a certified yoga teacher. She is very happy that her sisters Louisa and Peggy let her practice on them and wants to share her yoga teaching with her new friends she will meet in Africa.

Katie’s first Global Village experience was in 2010 in Zambia and almost every year since has been a volunteer on builds in the Yukon Territories, Norther Canada, Vietnam, and back to Zambia.

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